Moi Forest was born out of love for the forest and the desire to make products for a new generation

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With microbial research, the role of cosmetics is also shown in a new light. Namely, everything we put on our skin can also affect our microbiome through the skin, either positively or negatively. The starting point of Moi Forest products has been to combine the best and highest-quality plant raw materials that support the microbiome and a touch of the vitality of the forest - forest dust®!

Research confirms that the forest heals

Forest dust®, also known as Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract, contains thousands of beneficial forest microbes: bacteria, non-nucleated single-celled microorganisms, i.e. archaea, and eukaryotic microbes. The same forest microbes that are also present in forest soil are present. Forest microbes are like a code that tells our body's microbiome and immune system how they should work to keep us healthy. According to research, for example, allergies and autoimmune diseases are the result of the fact that we no longer get enough contact with these forest-derived microbes. Forest soil has the ability to get our immune system to extinguish inflammation with the help of regulatory T cells, i.e. white blood cells. In this case, our immune system does not start or maintain inflammation unnecessarily, for example, if pollen ends up on our mucous membranes. Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Tampere started to think about a solution to restore the contact with the forest that was lost due to urbanisation, and this is how a microbe extract was born, which can be easily used with, for example, Moi Forest cream.

High quality as a guarantee of effectiveness

Moi Forest products contain a high concentration of forest dust® and for this reason the creams are gray in colour. However, the colour fades when it is applied a little at a time to the skin. We recommend using the cream daily on a skin area of at least 10 cm x 20 cm to achieve the desired effects.

In addition to forest dust®, our products include:

  • A pH value suitable for the microbes that maintain the skin's balance (5)

  • Cold-pressed and carbon dioxide-extracted organic vegetable oils that contain omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids and vitamin E (omega fatty acids help to calm down inflammation and act as nutrition for both skin cells and microbes that maintain skin balance)

  • Mild food-grade preservatives that do not interfere with the action of the microbes that maintain the skin's balance or the forest microbe extract on the skin

  • Finnish organic birch sap that moisturises and soothes the skin

  • New ecological cardboard tube

In addition, the carbon footprint of our products is double compensated and our compensation goes directly to caring for forests and planting new trees. The forest takes care of us, so we want to give back to it.

The Finnish forest is also important for the global ecosystem. Our vast almost untouched forest areas, freshwater lakes and swamps take care of the purification of water and air. This way, the large biome – which includes plants, fungi, animals and us humans – remains vibrant. Moi Forest wants to create products for a new generation that promote holistic well-being and whose production burdens nature as little as possible.

Thank you for being with us on the forest trip! ♡

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