Multipurpose Cream has been scientifically proven to improve the moisture content of the skin

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If the winter weather makes your skin dry, make sure to pamper your skin with Moi Forest creams. As many have already noticed, our creams help to smooth out rough skin and take the tightening feeling away from it. Now we can finally also tell you that the moisturizing effect of our creams has also been studied!

Moi Forest Multipurpose cream was included in a study* by Laurea University of Applied Sciences, which looked at whether forest dust®, also known as forest microbe extract, affects the skin's moisture content. The study was carried out by the students of the development and management of cosmetics expertise at Laurea University of Applied Sciences as a project study commissioned by Uute Scientific Oy.

Research background

"Uute Scientific Oy's Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract has several research projects behind it. The joint ADELE project** of the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere is looking for ways to prevent the development of immune-mediated diseases.

Uute Scientific Oy's Reconnecting Nature™ microbe extract contains various microbes from Finnish forest and agricultural environments. It has been found to have immunological effects when dosed through the skin. For this reason, it is natural to also study the cosmetic effects of the microbial extract, for example its effect on the moisture content of the skin." ***

Research result

In the Laurea University of Applied Sciences study, the moisture content of the skin was measured with the Finnish Delfin Technologies MoistureMeterSC device.
Research result for Moi Forest Multipurpose cream:

"The moisture content of the skin increased for all users of Moi Forest Multipurpose Cream."

For us at Moi Forest, the result of the study was expected, as we have designed Moi Forest creams to moisturise and balance the skin. Already during the testing phase of our products, we saw how dryness and tightness disappeared from the skin of the test subjects.

The ingredients in our products that help improve the moisture content of the skin are:

♡ Birch sap
Organic Finnish birch sap moisturises the skin really effectively, helps to controls itching and supports normal cell regeneration thanks to the magnesium it contains. Thanks to the composition of birch sap it absorbs into the skin exceptionally well and gives the same type of effects to the skin as, for example, aloe vera. It's great that we can find such an amazing ingredient here in Finland!

♡ Water
Water also plays an important role in our products, as it helps to get the correct composition of the creams. Water also moisturises the skin, as long as it has suitable partners alongside it in the product formula.

♡ Reconnecting Nature ™ microbe extract
Microbial extract supports the microbial balance of the skin. When the microbial balance is optimal, the skin ages more slowly and its various functions, such as cell regeneration, fat and moisture production, pigment production as well as peptide production functions normally.

♡ Shea butter
Organic shea butter softens the skin and protects it from stress that comes with weather conditions. In addition, shea butter prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin, which improves the skin's moisture balance.

Help your skin cope with the changes of the seasons and improve the moisture content of your skin with Multipurpose cream.

If your skin is particularly sensitive or you are looking to get a cream for a small child, we recommend using Baby cream. Get your own Moi Forest cream and tell your friends about us ♡


* Laurea University of Applied Sciences 2021 Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract cream study 2021
** Adele Ecosystem project, University of Helsinki 2020.
*** Reconnecting Nature™, Uute Scientific 2021 and Nurminen et al. 2018.

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