Baby and toddler skin care

Äiti pitää kiinni pienen vauvan kädestä

Your little one's skin needs extra gentle care, as it's thinner than adult skin. The skin cells are also smaller and regenerate more quickly than in adults. A child's skin and immune system are only just learning to recognise and respond to different things in their environment. It is therefore important that the immune system gets a wide range of training with the help of natural microbes, including through the skin. Microbes found in forest soil and on farms have the ability to protect children from various allergies and autoimmune diseases. It is particularly important to get exercise during the first 2-3 years of life, but later in life the forest and its soil microbes also have health-giving and immune-boosting effects.

In the light of current research, the cornerstones of skin care for children could be:

  • enough time in the woods and contact with animals
  • mild, ecological detergents for washing the skin of hands and body
  • very gentle and natural products for skin care, where appropriate
  • mild, ecological household cleaning chemicals and laundry detergents, as household chemicals also affect the microbiota of the child's skin and body

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Getting skin conditions under control from an early age

Children's skincare is close to our hearts here at Moi Forest. As mothers ourselves, we have had to deal with the skin challenges of our children. For a few decades now, allergies and hypersensitivities have been on the rise in the Western world. That's why we want to give our own and other people's children a gift - a cream that contains Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract. Exposure to daily forest baths in nature exercises the body's immune system and trains the body when it comes to reacting to things such as pollen, animal dust or even different foods. Daily use of our forest dust® cream works in the same way and helps to make the body wise and strong. It is very important for the immune system to distinguish between things that are not really a threat and things that require the immune defence system to react. Here are our tips for baby and toddler skin care. 👶

♡ Wash your baby's skin only as needed

You should only wash or treat your baby's skin when necessary and without any unnecessary chemicals. It is not necessary to bathe your baby more than 1-2 times a week and it is a good idea to reduce the frequency of baths, especially if your baby's skin is dry or atopic. You may not need to use detergents to wash your baby, but you can wipe the skin with a damp towel moistened with coconut oil if necessary. Coconut oil is gentle and soothing to the skin and is also available in unscented form. You can also add a few drops of vegetable oil to your bath water if you wish. Avoid excessive washing to keep the skin's own protective hydrolipidic membrane intact and the microbial balance healthy.

♡ Air baths and gentle laundry detergents

After a bath, gently pat baby's delicate skin dry with a soft towel, not rubbing. Air baths should be given frequently to the baby's skin (especially the nappy area) to prevent chafing. Good old-fashioned potato flour works well to prevent chafing of the waist area. If you use disposable nappies with your baby, air the nappies before use to evaporate the mould-preventing chemicals, or use Finnish Moomin Baby nappies, which are safe for your baby's skin. If you prefer disposable nappies, wash them with a gentle, ecological detergent.

♡ Use only mild creams containing natural ingredients

If your baby has dry, flaky or atopic skin, you can treat it topically with a mild cream such as Moi Forest Baby Cream. To strengthen the body's immune defences, Moi Forest Baby Cream should be applied daily to the skin over an area of at least 10 cm x 20 cm. Otherwise, avoid unnecessary moisturising to prevent the skin's own fat production from being disturbed. Daily use of Moi Forest Baby Cream helps to strengthen the skin's microbiome, as it contains a high level of Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract, which also supports the child's immune system. The first 3 years of life are the most important for the development of a child's immune system, as the immune system learns to recognise and distinguish non-threatening factors from potential threats.

♡ Nourishing and protective plant oils and mild, natural fragrances

Protecting and nourishing plant oils are also a cornerstone of gentle skin care. In Moi Forest products, we have favour organic vegetable oils that have been extracted to preserve the precious omega fatty acids. The plant oils both soften the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. They also help to reduce inflammation in the skin and act as a nutrient for microbes that maintain the skin's balance. Moi Forest creams are non-irritating and the mildly scented baby cream in particular is also suitable for sensitive skin. The fragrance in the baby cream is natural but hypoallergenic, free of potential fragrance allergens. Moi Forest can be started when your baby starts to crawl or crawl and otherwise comes into contact with a wider range of microbes in the environment. For older children over 5 years and adults in the family, Moi Forest Multipurpose Cream is a good choice. Good dirt strengthens your child's immune defence!

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