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At the beginning of the year, we put together a test group of people suffering from atopic dermatitis in cooperation with PUR store. We have done some similar type of testing with our products already in the product development phase, in order to be able to take into account the needs of sensitive skin in the formulas of our products. Now, however, we wanted to implement a test group that would answers us about their user experiences completely anonymously. The test group consisted of 10 children who tested the Baby Cream and 10 adults who tested the Multipurpose Cream.

The participants tested Moi Forest creams for about 3 weeks and we received the following results from them:

80% of the Baby Cream testers and 67% of the Multipurpose Cream testers felt that the creams had the desired effect on their skin.

89% of the Multipurpose Cream testers and 80% of the Baby Cream testers felt that the composition of the cream was pleasant.

We also asked the testers about the smell of the creams, and only one tester of the Multipurpose Cream thought that the smell could be improved. All Baby Cream testers thought that the smell of the cream was pleasant. Furthermore, we asked the testers to describe their product experiences in their own words, and we received the following feedback:

Baby Cream:

"I thought the composition was muddy and therefore it was best suited for night time use. The cream also stains light-coulored clothes when it gets on them. BUT, despite all of this, the cream completely cured our son's atopic patches!!! I never would have thought this would happen, because the cream didn't feel rich at all, and her skin hasn't improved with basic creams. I'm baffled. There is no longer a single dry patch or red spot on my child's skin."

"My child has atopic dermatitis on the kneecaps, during this cream trial the rash improved and the kneecaps are now in really neat condition 🤩!!"

"Our child is quite careful that creams don't feel too greasy on their skin and this cream has been excellent because it dries quickly and the effect has been incredible. The rash in the kneecaps has healed almost completely after just a few days of use."

"The children's atopic dermatitis also improved really well, and their skin has now been well healed and moisturised even when the weather changes."

Multipurpose cream:

"I really liked using the cream as a face mask, I think the product fits really well as a mask. "

"Soothes the skin, significantly reduces dryness. The scent could be improved."

"The cream worked best for the rash on the neck. The rash on the back of the palm has not healed in the same way, but it is also under more stress."

"The cream was wonderful from the first use, and also worked great as a face mask."

"The skin improved significantly after a few uses, so we are very satisfied with the cream and we will continue to use the cream on a daily basis. So thank you very much for this test product."

We thank all testers for their feedback, as this helps us develop our product range further.

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