Moi Forest's forest dust® products are the Care Product of 2022! 🥇✨

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Yahoo!! We received good news from the Finnish Association of Health Traders (Suomen Terveystuotekauppiaiden liitto) - the Moi Forest product line has been selected as the Care Product of 2022 (Vuoden 2022 hoitotuote)! Over two years of hard work is now paying off and we couldn't be more grateful for this wonderful recognition.

Since 1987, the Finnish Health Products Association has chosen the best products in the health product industry. Today there are three series and each year the health product of the year, superfood of the year and care product of the year are selected. This prestigious award has been awarded to more than 90 products so far, many of which are still successful products on the market, and some have become industry classics.

The jury, consisting of the board of the Finnish Health Product Retailers' Association, selected the 2022 treatment product based on the following criteria:

✧ there is researched information and successful product development behind the product

✧ extensive positive consumer feedback

✧ the product is in accordance with the goals and spirit of the health product industry; it is suitable as a self-care product for consumers who care about their health

✧ the product is of high quality and reliable

Our wonderful, unique forest dust® product line met all these criteria, and was therefore chosen by the board of experts as the winner of the care product series. Thanks to the council! 🙏🙏🙏

We developed Moi Forest products to strengthen your skin with the help of high-quality organic ingredients and microbial extract developed by Finnish universities. The Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract found in the products has been scientifically proven to support the body's microbiome when used through the skin and is suitable for people of all ages with dry and sensitive skin, Atopic skin or other skin problems.

Order your own forest dust cream and tell your friend about the winner too 😉.


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