Moi Forest's forest dust products are the perfect baby shower gift

Moi Forestin metsäpölytuotteet ovat täydellinen Baby shower -lahja

A delightful baby shower invitation also brings with it a puzzle: where to find a pampering and personalised gift for the expecting mother? The solution to the problem can be found in Moi Forest's many award-winning forest dust products®

Baby showers and Mother blessings celebrate the mother-to-be and the child. You may have wondered where the name "baby shower" comes from. There are several theories for the origin of the name, but the most likely answer can be found in the nature of the celebration. The idea of a baby shower is that the mother-to-be is literally overwhelmed and "showered" with gifts that are going to make the pregnancy and baby period easier.

Since the baby is due to arrive soon after the celebration, popular baby shower gifts are all kinds of items that can soon be used by the baby's family. For example cute clothes, toys, books, diapers, pacifiers or baby bottles can be given as a gift.

While baby showers often have a playful program, a Mother blessing focuses more on pampering the mother and the program includes a ceremony. One popular ceremony is to make bath salts where sea salt is added to a large bowl and ingredients brought by guests, such as spices or dried flowers, are mixed into it. The mixed salt mixture can be distributed to each participant in small glass jars.

Give a Moi Forest forest dust® product as a gift

If you have a baby shower invitation in your pocket, but you have not come up with a suitable gift yet, how about giving a gift of nature and a stronger immune system? Yes, you read that right!

Our natural creams contain Re-Connecting Nature™ microbial extract developed in Finland, which we more familiarly call forest dust®. The extract, which contains thousands of well-being-promoting microbes, has been researched to support the body's immune system and the skin's microbiome.

The Forest Baby Box is the perfect gift for a family with a baby: it contains a nourishing body cream for the baby and a hand cream for the mother.

The ingredients of Forest Dust® Baby Cream are suitable for a small child's sensitive skin. Exposure to microbes is especially good for children, because the base of the immune system is formed during the first three years of life.

Forest Dust® Microbiome Magic Oil is suitable for treating the skin of the expecting mother's stomach and body as well as stretch marks. It also gives a wonderful glow to the face and is also suitable for the baby's skin, and the baby's bath and massages.

With an electronic Moi Forest gift card, the expecting mother can order a high-quality product of her choice from our online store. The gift card is automatically sent to your e-mail immediately after payment and you can print it for the party.

Sweet program tip! Get a Chakra reading done for the expectant mother and baby. In this activity, the chakras of both the mother and the baby living in the womb will be looked into.

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