Capture the benefits of the sun and minimise the risks

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With spring and summer, the sun is slowly starting to warm up and give us energy again. Sunlight is a life-sustaining force that does us good in many ways. However, sun burns, sunstroke as well as heat stroke can take the unwary sun worshipper by surprise. Read our summer tips for enjoying the sun!

Vitamin D effectively and safely

UVB radiation from sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin D through the skin. Therefore, it's a good idea to let the sun reach your bare skin for short periods at a time. For example, if you can spend 15-20 minutes in the sun in a swimsuit or another small piece of clothing, your vitamin D storage can be replenished. If you have dark skin, you can stay in the sun for about 45 minutes to get enough vitamin D. If you have exceptionally fair skin, you should start with very little sun exposure at a time and watch your skin all the time to make sure it does not burn. It has been found that vitamin D intake is most effective from the sun, and supplements taken internally are less effective at replenishing the vitamin D storage. However, supplements are still very necessary during the darker season. Once you've had a moment to refuel, protect your skin with either clothing or a certified organic sunscreen with physical protection to prevent your skin from burning.

Did you know that vitamin D is actually a hormone and its intake directly affects all the organs in our body as well as our endocrine system and microbiome? The well-being of our skin is also dependent on our intake of vitamin D.

Cellular energy from sunlight ☀️

Sunlight contains many wavelengths of light and therefore all the colours of the light that can be imitated, for example in LED phototherapy. Our skin cells contain so-called photoreceptors that react to different wavelengths of light and influence the way our skin works. For example, blue light affects cell differentiation, while red light affects the regeneration of keratinocytes and fibroblasts. When exposed to sunlight, our skin and body cells start to function better.

Another mechanism by which sunlight affects the functioning of our body and skin is hormone production. Sunlight affects the pineal gland and the production of hormones such as serotonin and melatonin, making us happier and more alert. Mood also has an effect on the microbes in our gut and skin through the so-called 'brain-gut-skin' axis.

Read more about the effects of the sun on the body here

Protect, moisturise and nourish your skin sufficiently

While sunlight has clear health benefits for your skin, it's important not to let it burn. Make sure to only spend small moments in the sun with bare skin. Find shade and protect your skin with clothing or a natural sunscreen. Be extra careful with children and their skin. Children's skin and bodies produce vitamin D more quickly than adult skin. Always protect your head with a headgear to avoid sunburn. The earlobes, face, shoulders, neck, and chest are usually the most sensitive to sunburn.

After exposure to the sun, the skin needs nourishing and moisturising creams. For this, rely on Moi Forest creams and oils with moisturising birch sap and nourishing omega fatty acids. Use our soothing creams even if your skin accidentally burns in the sun. Our microbial extract also helps to restore the skin's microbial balance, allowing it to heal faster. If you wish, you can spray lavender or rose water under the cream for some extra moisture.

Keep the body evenly and sufficiently hydrated

When you take care of your fluid balance throughout the day, fluid will be better absorbed by your body and your skin. Add fresh mint leaves, cucumber slices, strawberries and a pinch of good quality salt to your water jug. Salt helps maintain mineral levels and herbs, whilst berries or vegetables add flavour and promote water absorption.

Remember those close to you

During a long period of heat, it is important to look after yourself, as well as others. In particular, remember to help elderly as well as children to stay hydrated, no matter if they are your own or a neighbour's. Make sure pets have access to fresh water and shade at all times. If your friend is an avid sun worshipper, kindly discuss the benefits and risks of the sun with them and treat them to a skin restoring and repairing Moi Forest cream.

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