Moi Forest's forest dust® products are of interest around the world - experiences from an Austrian beauty salon

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Last year brought new opportunities for Moi Forest and we were able to start selling our products in Japan. We have also received inquiries from other countries, such as Spain and we have forest dust ambassadors in Sweden and Austria. We interviewed our forest dust ambassador Mira Luhtala, who worked at an Austrian beauty salon and introduced the salon's customers to forest dust®.

Esthetician, beautician, beauty consultant and makeup artist Mira Luhtala, @estenomen, worked in an Austrian beauty salon last summer and gave the salon's clients forest dust treatments with Moi Forest products.

Moi Forest: How did you end up in Austria to do cosmetic treatments and why did you choose Moi Forest products for your trip?

Mira: I studied to be a beautician and I had a dream to exchange in a German-speaking country. In the end, somewhat by chance, I ended up at a beauty salon in Vienna. Vienna is a big city and people are very stressed. They long for contact with nature, but it is difficult to get to nature in everyday life. I thought that through my treatments they could feel the effects of forest dust and strengthen their connection with nature.

Moi Forest: What effects of the treatment did you notice on the customers' skin and what was it like to use the products in the treatments?

Mira: At first, I was a little worried about how the products would absorb, because it was a record-breaking summer. The fear was pointless, because Microbiome Magic Oil worked like a dream when massaging and absorbed well into the skin. The most obvious effect was that if the client's skin had redness, it calmed down during the treatment. I also received many comments from customers that their skin felt extremely good and soft after the treatment.

Moi Forest: How did the customers and other staff at the treatment center initially react to the products?

Mira: Very well! Everyone was open and curious to try, and the related Finnish studies were very interesting. Moi Forest's hand cream became a favourite of the salon's staff. Customers asked a lot about the products, and the Finnish product series evoked an image of beautiful nature, which was a good starting point to start a discussion about strengthening the connection with nature.

Moi Forest: Are there any products that you, as a professional, would like to find in the Moi Forest product range?

Mira: A moisturising face water or lotion would be wonderful. Many people have a problem with skin dryness or surface dryness, and extra moisture is never a bad thing.

Moi Forest: What is your favourite product from Moi Forest?

Mira: Definitely the oil! And before the oil, my favourite was the Multipurpose Cream. I use the oil all over my body because the skin becomes so soft! You can see the aging changes faster on the skin of the body, but when Microbiome Magic Oil is used regularly after showering, the skin remains elastic and gets a wonderful glow.

"On the skin of the body, you can see the aging changes faster, but when you use Microbiome Magic Oil regularly after showering, the skin stays elastic and gets a wonderful glow."

During her training, Mira did three new treatments for the Viennese Sweet Treat Vienna beauty salon. The manager of the clinic trusted Mira's expertise and the quality of Moi Forest products. In Austria, clients usually go for treatments very regularly and were positively surprised by Mira's holistic approach and the deeply relaxing effect of the treatment. According to Mira, it is more typical in big cities for treatments to focus on external visible results and to use equipment. Mira's treatment philosophy is that 50% of the results come from a comprehensive treatment method and 50% from quality products. Mira's treatment method fits perfectly with Moi Forest's comprehensively good products.

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