Sensitive skin checklist

Nainen pitelee Moi Forest Multipurpose Cream voiteen tuubia

As humans are so-called psycho-physical-social enties, skin symptoms and sensitivity are often related to many factors. The best way to treat skin challenges and sensitivities is to take a holistic approach to the underlying causes.

We've put together a checklist for sensitive skin and other skin problems. You can also read our more comprehensive article on the subject here.

♡ Use skin care products with a pH close to the skin's normal pH of around 4.5-5. For example, soap has an alkaline pH above 7. Moi Forest creams have a pH of 5, which supports the microbes that maintain skin balance.

♡ For skin cleansing, choose oil- or emulsion-based certified natural cosmetic products with mild detergents, or surfactants. Avoid sulphates.

♡ Treat your skin with products that contain good quality vegetable oils with omega fatty acids. For example, Moi Forest creams contain carbon dioxide extracted and cold-pressed vegetable oils with omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 and natural vitamin E. Omega fatty acids help calm inflammation in the skin by filling an omega deficiency directly in the skin tissue, while natural vitamin E (which comes in several forms) helps the skin heal scars and ulcers, for example.

♡ Avoid chemical UV sunscreens, false eyelashes, false nails and anything that puts an extra chemical load on the body. These include harsh laundry and cleaning products. Prefer eco-detergents. There are also plenty of mild eco-friendly cleaning products.

♡ A change in diet may also be in order. Many people have found relief from their skin problems from a functional nutritionist or ayurvedic specialist. At the very least, make sure you are eating enough fibre-rich vegetables and good quality fats.

♡ Do a relaxing imagery or breathing exercise every day and hug your loved ones as often as possible. If you can, regularly go for a relaxing treatment, for example with a beautician or massage therapist.

♡ Visit the forest as often as possible and rub the forest dust® on your skin (only on intact areas). This will lower your stress levels and strengthen your microbiome and connection to nature. If going to the forest every day is not possible, you can also get a wonderful immune and skin-boosting forest bath at home with Moi Forest creams.

"Thank you, my lovely skin, for protecting me and doing your best to stay strong. Sometimes when you're sensitive, I wonder if that sensitivity comes from somewhere deeper in me, from my spine? Maybe it's trying to tell me something about my deepest being and steer me in the right direction? Thank you, my skin, for sharing your message and keeping me connected to other people and nature. Life lives in me and is reflected in you. Together we grow older and stronger. I will cuddle you softly and keep you well. I give you nourishing fats, nurturing forest dust® and the magic potion of the north - soothing birch sap. Hello Forest and my lovely skin, show me my true nature. ♡ Ode to skin - Moi Forest ♡

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