The new Magic Oil strengthens your connection with nature and pampers your skin!

Moi Forest Magic Oil pullo ja syreenin oksa

Our new product Forest Dust® Microbiome Magic oil is a multipurpose oil that is suitable for everyone. The gentle composition takes care of small and large skin problems, whilst making the skin of the body magically soft. We wanted a fragrance-free product suitable for sensitive skin that could be used on the whole body. We made it even better. In Moi Forest style, we decided to develop an oil without compromising on quality, and we couldn't be more proud of the end result, which is pure magic.

"Stay connected with nature and see your own beauty"
Zach Bush

This statement made by Zach Bush, a doctor specialising in the microbiome, also describes Moi Forest's philosophy well - after all, the leading idea of our products is to help restore the lost connection with nature. When we started developing a new skin care oil, we thought about which plant oils or extracts would support the skin's own repair mechanisms and microbial balance in the best possible way. The end result was the wonderful multipurpose oil; Forest Dust Microbiome Magic Oil.

Who is the oil suitable for?

This oil is suitable for everyone! It is both gentle and effective at the same time and gives everyone's skin exactly what it needs at that moment. If your skin has lines and looks lifeless, the oil will help make the skin plump and stronger. The oil prevents aging changes such as pigment spots or sagging of the skin with the help of omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9) from vitamin E in its natural form, as well as phytol and forest microbial extract extract.

If your skin gets oily and easily gets impurities, you can apply a small amount of oil to slightly damp skin every day, and the oil will begin to balance the production of sebum. The ingredients of the oil have been selected so that they do not block skin pores, but help the skin's own hydrolipidic membrane and the microbes that maintain its balance to function optimally. Microbiome Magic Oil is unscented and, despite its effectiveness, a very gentle oil, so it can even be used for baby massage or lip care. The oil suitable for the face, scalp and the whole body - it is the dream product of every skin care lover.

Magic oil is a multipurpose oil

It is important for us to create products that are so good that one product can meet many different wishes. We wanted a product that was fragrance-free, did not contain grain oils, and was suitable for the entire body. While thinking about a suitable product based on your wishes, we ended up creating a multipurpose oil that you can use for:

♡ Facial care

1. Cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser.

2. Spray face water, treatment liquid or floral water on the face.

3. Take 2-4 drops of oil on your hand, rub between the palms and spread on your face and neck. The skin should be slightly damp after the facial lotion.

You can also use the oil in various facial massages. In this case, take a little more oil to get the right feel for the massage.

♡ Body care

1. Apply the oil all over the body on slightly damp skin, always after showering or bathing.

2. Take a few drops of oil on your hand, rub between your palms and spread on the body, starting from your feet and moving upwards towards the thighs. Add a few more drops of oil as needed. Rub the oil on your stomach, hips and back area as well. Next, move on to your hands. Apply the oil to the fingers one by one and also go through the arms, moving from the fingers towards the armpits and shoulders. Finally, rub the oil into your neck and shoulders as well as décolleté and breasts. If you want to enhance the relaxing effect, rub the oil on different parts of your body, rotating and pressing on the points that need special relaxation.

You can also use the oil in various body massages. In this case, take a little more oil and spread the oil on dry skin, so that you get the right feel for the massage, and the oil is not absorbed so quickly.

Tip! The oil is also perfect for expectant mothers or baby skin care.

♡ Scalp care

1. Make sections in the hair, apply oil to the scalp using a pipette.

2. Massage into the scalp and leave on overnight.

3. Wash the scalp with a gentle natural shampoo.

Magic Oil has a touch of magic at its core

Finnish Northern Sweetgrass extract brings its own nuance to the oil, which balances the skin and the whole body. This moisturising extract has been used in the past to for example treat weather-stressed skin due to its skin revitalising effect.

In old cultures of Europe and North America Northern Sweetgrass was a sacred plant that was used as medicine. In ancient times, Northern Sweetgrass was thought to have a calming effect on the whole body and protect against evil spirits. In Finland, it has been used in things such as love potion in Lapland, and it was often added in the baby's cradle to calm the child. So if you want to calm down your body, skin and mind, massage your entire body with Microbiome Magic Oil and stop to listen to your breathing.

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